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La Piazza Dario’s Story

La storia di La Piazza Dario! Get to know the story behind one of Vancouver's best kept secrets!

When we say that La Piazza Dario has some history, we mean it. Our restaurant has been in business for almost 40 years, having opened its doors in 1977 alongside the Italian Cultural Centre in East Vancouver. Two years after La Piazza Dario opened, a young Claudio Ranallo joined the culinary team, instantly adding his warm, personal touch to each plate of food that he lovingly prepared. Not long after he began his tenure with La Piazza Dario, Claudio became Head Chef Claudio, and just five years later, in 1984, he was made a partner in the business.

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Since then, La Piazza Dario has become somewhat of an institution, consistently offering delicious, authentic Italian cuisine for the city of Vancouver. It is now a family-owned and operated restaurant; one that continues to pride itself on serving exceptional Italian meals and warmly welcoming lunch and dinner parties of all size to its tables. At La Piazza Dario, you will find that each of our dishes are inspired by classic Italian food and ingredients. This is the way it has always been done. Our menus continue to be comprised of traditional Italian selections such as antipasti, pastas, Italian desserts and more. If you love Italian food and have yet to visit us for a meal, you will not be disappointed!

Grazie for taking the time to read our story. Now that you know it, we invite you to come experience La Piazza Dario in person! Make your reservation online or by telephone at 604-430-2195.

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